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Pakistan: Workers are entitled to paid Festival (public and religious) holidays. Festival holidays are announced by Ministry of Interior, Islamabad and Provincial Government at the start of calendar year (usually 14 in number) (section 49-I of Factories Act)

Pakistan: An employee is entitled to 14 calendar days paid annual leave, after completion of 12 months of continuous service. (section 49-B of Factories Act). This law does not indicate whether paid annual leave increases with longer service/senioirty. A worker is paid his daily wages while he is on annual leave. Factory workers are paid half of the pay due for annual leave before start of the leave. The annual leave has to be consecutive and may not be split however if a worker fails to avail whole leave during the 12 months, it is added to the next year. However, not more than 14 days of leave can be carried forward.
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