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Pakistan: Article 11 of the Constitution prohibits all forms of forced labour. The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1991 provides for the abolition of bonded labour system in the country. The practice of bonded labour has become a punishable offence after enactment of this act (with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than two years nor more than five years, or with fine which shall not be less than fifty thousand rupees, or with both). Vigilance Committees are formed at the district level to keep an eye on the working of law and help in rehabilitation of freed bonded labour.

Pakistan: Article 11.3 of the Constitution of Pakistan says " No child below the age of fourteen years shall be engaged in any factory or mine or any other hazardous employment." Similar safeguards have been provided in Article 37of Constitution. Section 50 of Factories Act 1934 reads as under: "Prohibition of employment of young children. - No child who has not completed his fourteenth year shall be allowed to work in any factory." The children under the age of 14 years cannot be employed in any public or private industrial undertaking containing process dangerous to life, health or moral of children under the provisions of the said laws. The Employment of Children Act, 1991 has provided a schedule of hazardous occupation and processes where the employment of children under the age of 14 years is totally prohibited. The child worker is, however, permitted to work as a member of the family engaged in any process not declared hazardous under Section 3 of the said Act.
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